Yattering Human's Pain

I'm going on a serious lack of information in the liner notes here, but I believe Human's Pain is actually an older Yattering release than last year's Murder's Concept. However, it doesn't make much difference, since they sound pretty much identical. No complaints here though, the sound in question being a total jackhammer to the face technical death metal freak out like only these Polish wild men can conjure up. Yattering are not as tech as Cryptosy or Gorguts, which means you can loosen up those shoulders and relax a bit more while listening to the album and, as a result, enjoy yourself more. The dual voices of vocalist Svierszcz add to the confusion, as do the death-defying limbs of drummer Zabek. Complaints are genre-wide, not Yattering-specific: the overtly bass-heavy guttural vibe wears you out after a while and the songs will never stick in your head after the disc is over. Yattering specific, I can think of no complaints, which makes me wonder why the band isn't yet mentioned in the same breath as Nile, Morbid Angel or Cryptopsy amongst death metallers world-wide. (Renegade)