Nicki Minaj Under Fire After Showing Up Several Hours Late to Toronto Concert (Again)

Fans are calling for "disrespectful" Minaj to retire after starting the show later than 11 p.m.

Photo: Rolling Loud/John Cotter

BY Ben OkazawaPublished May 1, 2024

Nicki Minaj continued to unravel her illustrious career in Toronto last night as concertgoers are attacking the rapper online for showing up nearly three hours late to her concert at Scotiabank Arena.

Fans are calling for Minaj to "retire" after she left them waiting until after 11 p.m. for the concert to start. 

The worst part? Last night's delays marked the third time in as many weeks that Minaj had shortchanged her Canadian fans following late starts in Montreal and her previous Toronto show, at which she was over an hour late, leaving fans waiting for long durations in between sets and, when she was onstage, encouraged violence in the crowd. 

Under a TikTok post complaining about the delays at last night's concert, one commenter wrote, "Nicki Minaj needs to retire. Her music is not as good as when she first hit the scene, and to think [you're] worth having these people wait is low. She did the same in Montreal."

Although Minaj claimed she got held up at the border, several American commenters asserted that she's done the same in the US as well. And, even still, Canadian fans — perhaps now former fans — argue that since she's been consistently late for shows north of the border, she and her team should know to account for those delays.

Another TikTok user wrote, "She is disgusting and disrespectful for doing that. She actually came out at 11:07 and I think it went [until] 2 a.m. ... at 12:30 a.m. I was done."

Check out the original post calling out Minaj's delays and the rightfully enraged comment section below.

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