Yattering Murder's Concept

Originally released on Season of Mist records, the purveyors of quality extreme music at Relapse have decided to re-release this piece of Polish insanity, lucky us. Yattering are really at the forefront of the death metal genre today. The band manages to blast with the likes of Nile and Morbid Angel, but can also get impressively technical at all the right moments - the moments when the overwhelming death metal-ness of it all threatens to make you doze off. Yattering also mix it up a bit when lead belcher Svierszcz bursts into high-pitched screams, countering his boring cookie monster vox. But it's really all about the technical parts, as any band can blast and scream, but not many bands can throw in weird, off-time grooves and wild percussive rhythms in the middle of a solid death metal song. Fairly crappy cover art (although it's cool that the band managed to turn the "g" in their name into a pentagram) and fairly crappy lyrics that sort of seem like they're trying to have some message but also sort of seem like they're just gore-core lyrics. Who knows, but the CD sounds great and the songs are great, let's hope the diehard death metallers of the world pay this one some notice. (Relapse)