Yacht Club "Hot N Cold" (ft. Pink and Purple) (video)

Yacht Club 'Hot N Cold' (ft. Pink and Purple) (video)
Fucked Up's Ben Cook has been doling out some mid-'80s-minded dance-pop with former No Warning buddy Matt DeLong as Yacht Club, but the pair have introduced another couple of retro lovers into the mix in their new video for "Hot N Cold."

As you'll discover in the clip down below, Yacht Club got twin sisters Pink and Purple to put their in-unison vocals atop an era-specific amalgam of lite-funk guitar stabs and sparkly synths akin to Madonna circa "Open Your Heart."

When not belting out the tune, the two siblings spend their time in the video sharing some ride-time with a shades-sporting, oiled-up Adonis on his motorcycle. Cook and DeLong may wear sleeveless muscle tees as they're miming along to the track, but the male model's ab-and-bicep game shows who's really got the goods.

"Hot N Cold" will figure as the B-side to Yacht Club's impending "Flash" 12-inch single on Pretty Pretty Recs, though a release date has yet been set.