Woven Tide From the Mouth of the Sun

These striking new ambient compositions by Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist are warm, yet hollow manifestations of deepest sadness. Incorporeal electronic textures lap gently over frail piano plinks and mournful string orchestration, hearkening to the heartbreaking lows of A Silver Mt. Zion's earliest dirges. From the Mouth of the Sun is unabashedly affected, expertly invoking a sense of the profound, almost holy woe held sacred and often secret by the hearts of history. On "Color Loss," sparse bells chime stoically behind shadowy moans and the crackle of old vinyl before dark, swelling cellos overtake them. Other numbers fall through open space in scintillating calm, emulating the comfort of death. The fact that much of this record is used to score exceptionally grim documentary Remember Me, My Ghost largely explains the cinematic grandeur of each song. (Experimedia)