Winnipeg's Yes We Mystic Announce 'Vestige' 7-Inch

Winnipeg's Yes We Mystic Announce 'Vestige' 7-Inch
Winnipeg genre-mixers Yes We Mystic haven't yet released a full-length album, but they're preparing to unveil a new 7-inch ahead of their debut LP. This 7-inch is called Vestige and it will be out on May 5.

The five-piece's press materials bill Vestige as an EP, although it only includes two original songs. These come on the vinyl, while a downloadable accompaniment adds five remixes.

"We're really trying to push past ourselves, musically," frontman Adam Fuhr said in a statement. "'Wood Wheel' achieves a real grandiosity. 'The Contest of Strength' has a vibe that we've never expressed before, but feels familiar as it builds, ever more frantically, to a climax. Lyrically we're still dealing with loss, fear, fading memories, and that's where the title Vestige comes from."

The songs were recorded at Private Ear Recording with John Paul Peters (Tanya Tagaq, Royal Canoe, Propagandhi), with mixing handled by Jonathan Anderson (Said the Whale, Aidan Knight, We Are the City). The remixes, meanwhile, come via the Wilderness of Manitoba, Holy Hum, Doug Hoyer, Mark Mills and Andrew Judah.

Below, watch a trailer for Vestige, which matches atmospheric, reverb-drenched music with retro home movie footage.

A press release notes that Vestige is a precursor to a full-length recorded with Besnard Lakes member Jace Lasek. For now, the 7-inch (or digital copies) can be pre-ordered here.


1. Wood Wheel
2. The Contest of Strength
3. Wood Wheel (Mark Mills remix)
4. Wood Wheel (Doug Hoyer remix)
5. The Contest of Strength (Holy Hum remix)
6. The Contest of Strength (Andrew Judah remix)
7. The Contest of Strength (The Wilderness of Manitoba remix)