William Patrick Corgan "Aeronaut" (video)

William Patrick Corgan 'Aeronaut' (video)
Billy Corgan has been going around telling people his name is William Patrick Corgan and playing piano songs from his Ogilala album (along with some unexpected covers). Now he's escaped our own plane of existence and entered some sort of backdrop from a late '90s videogame.

The music video for "Aeronaut" was made with motion-capture from Microsoft. A press release describes it as a "2D preview of a forthcoming immersive virtuality reality experience," meaning there's going to be more of this stuff in the future.

While it's probably technically impressive to someone, the video winds up looking pretty damn corny. It's as if Billy Corgan is trapped inside an old iTunes visualizer.

Watch the video for "Aeronaut" below.

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