White Zombie Box Set Due in November

White Zombie Box Set Due in November
Though his sights are mostly set on filmmaking these days, Rob Zombie wouldn't be anywhere without the success of his metal outfit, White Zombie. Formed in 1985 and striking gold, make that double platinum, with 1992's La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, White Zombie went on to become one of hard rock's bigger names, turning out five studio albums before eventually falling victim to Zombie's burgeoning solo and film career in 1998.

On November 25, Geffen will release the ultimate White Zombie document with Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, a four-CD/one-DVD box set collecting all of the original studio recordings released by the band during their 11-year career. The accompanying DVD offers nine music videos, ten live performances, and some hidden gems to boot.

Included in the 64 tracks are a bunch of rarities that includes 1985's Gods On Voodoo Moon EP, the 1986 Pig Heaven EP and 1987’s Psycho-Head Blowout EP, which was apparently a favourite of Kurt Cobain. Also included are 1987’s Soul-Crusher, 1989’s Make Them Die Slowly and God Of Thunder EP, 1992's major label debut, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, 1995’s Astro-Creep: 2000, Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head, and a slew of various soundtrack and compilation tracks.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie tracklisting:

1. "Gentleman Junkie"
2. "King Of Souls"
3. "Tales From the Scarecrowman"
4. "Cat's Eye Resurrection"
5. "Pig Heaven"
6. "Slaughter The Grey"
7. "Eighty-Eight/Fast Jungle"
8. "Gun Crazy"
9. "Kick"
10. "Memphis"
11. "Magdelene"
12. "True Crime"
13. "Ratmouth"
14. "Shack of Hate"
15. "Drowning the Colossus"
16. "Crow II"
17. "Die Zombie Die"
18. "Skin"
19. "Truck On Fire"
20. "Future Shock"
21. "Scumkill"
22. "Diamond Ass"
23. "Demonspeed"
24. "Disaster Blaster"
25. "Murderworld"
26. "Revenge"
27. "Acid Flesh"
28. "Power Hungry"
29. "Godslayer"
30. 'God Of Thunder"
31. "Love Razor"
32. "Disaster Blaster 2"
33. "Welcome to Planet MF"
34. "Knuckle Duster"
35. "Thunder Kiss"
36. "Black Sunshine"
37. "Soul-Crusher"
38. "Cosmic Monster"
39. "Spiderbaby"
40. "I Am Legend"
41. "Knuckle Duster 2"
42. "Thrust"
43. "One Big Crunch"
44. "Grindhouse"
45. "Starface"
46. "Warp Asylum"
47. "I Am Hell"
48. "Children Of The Grave"
49. "Feed The Gods"
50. "Electric Head Pt. 1"
51. "Super Charger Heaven"
52. "Real Solution 9"
53. "Creature Of The Wheel"
54. "Electric Head Pt. 2"
55. "Grease Paint And Monkey Brains"
56. "I Zombie"
57. "More Human Than Human"
58. "El Phantasmo"
59. "Blur The Technicolor"
60. "Blood Milk Sky"
61. "The One"
62. "I'm Your Boogieman"
63. "Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls"