Wes Eisold's Pre-Cold Cave Project Ye Olde Maids Gets Reissued

Wes Eisold's Pre-Cold Cave Project Ye Olde Maids Gets Reissued
Wes Eisold has to be one of the most prolific dudes currently making music. From his work with the legendary hardcore band American Nightmare (later known as Give Up the Ghost) to his time with Some Girls and now as the frontman for icy no wave champions Cold Cave, Eisold constantly has his hand in a plethora of projects. But before Cold Cave took off, he recorded an album under the alias Ye Olde Maids.

The album is called God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us, and it traces Eisold's evolution from a hardcore punk superhero to a noise rock connoisseur and finally to his current role as a neo-goth synth-wave genius. The 24 tracks on the album were recorded between 2006 and 2008, and the album was original released in a limited pressing via Art Fag Recordings in 2009.

 The God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us reissue is expanded with unreleased tracks and demos that weren't on the initial pressing. The CD-only release is available now via the Heartworm Press. Samples can be heard at the Ye Olde Maids MySpace page, while the album can be ordered here.

God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us:

 1. "Cocoa Cherubs"

2. "Candy Cigarettes On Fire"

3. "Love Theme From A Cannes Cade"

4. "Hawk Over The Highway From My Way To You"

5. "Dreamscaper"

6. "Advice To A Future Giallo Killer"

7. "In The Palms Of God's Hands"

8. "Love Theme From A Car Commercial"

9. "Don't Think I'll Miss The Beaches"

10. "White Impatiens"

11. "I Came Here By Broom"

12. "Grrrl On A Bike"

13. "Summer's Dead"

14. "New Car"

15. "Depressed Skull #2"

16. "Rigid Hooker"

17. "Door Covers Door"

18. "Acapulco"

19. "Crawling Out Of The Hole"

20. "Love On The Weekend"

21. "Freedom Of A Junkie"

22. "Life Mag"

23. "Under The Eis Of Hell"

24. "Twenty-One"