Cold Cave You & Me & Infinity

Cold Cave You & Me & Infinity
Among the vast genre of dark wave and post-punk, Cold Cave (the project name for Wesley Eisold), has landed a unique, progressive sound on You & Me & Infinity. The pulsing, retro-style EP only has four tracks, and it leaves you wanting more.
Making a strong impression on the first track "You & Me & Infinity," Eisold's vocals have a dark, eerie tone that complement the ebullient '90s beat. Dark, dreamy synths amplified by edgy guitar riffs sets the ambience for the rest of the EP. The second track, "Nothing Is True But You," was originally released in 2016; on the collaboration with Amy Lee, their vocals blend so well together you get lost in the upbeat sound and piercing synthesizers.
The most prominent track is "Glory," a dance-inducing song that embodies true synth pop. Eisold manages to mix the mood of equal parts light and dark, his disheartened vocals layered over a playful beat as he sings "Say goodbye to everyone I've ever known / And we could spend the night together / I could be you and you could be me too" make this an endlessly playable track. "My Heart Is Immortal" is a hypnotic punchy anthem to end You & Me & Infinity; the jarring beat keeps things interesting and unpredictable.
Eisold synthesizes emotion into music, showcasing his talent as an artist. You & Me & Infinity feels like a tease, but pushes listeners to dig deeper into his repertoire. (Heartworm)