Weed "Stay in the Summer"

Weed 'Stay in the Summer'
Though much of the country is experiencing chilled-out, sub-zero temperatures, fuzz-pop outfit Weed's hometown of Vancouver is currently basking beneath the relatively balmy afternoon rays of the sun. If you're outside of the West Coast, you can still enjoy the group's warm and melted tones via a stream of new single "Stay in the Summer."

Taken from Weed's upcoming Running Back LP, the song is especially warped and wobbly. As you'll hear down below, the opening guitar melody drops down a key once the rest of the band kicks in, almost as if the master tapes were melting in real time. That doesn't lessen the impact of the single, though, which finds Weed still spinning gold with a series of sunny melodies, passive vocals and crashed drums.

Though Weed's "Thousand Pounds"/"Turret" 7-inch hit stores today (February 24) through Lefse, Running Back doesn't touch down until April 7. The band have tour dates planned ahead of the album release, and you'll find the show info down below.

Tour dates:

03/14 Vancouver, BC - Pinhole Printing
03/20 Bellingham, WA - House Show
03/21 Tacoma, WA - Bleak Outlook Festival
04/01 Vancouver, BC - Antisocial Skate Shop (LP release party)
04/03 Brooklyn, NY - DBTS
04/04 Harrisonburg, VA - Macrock
04/05 Providence, RI - Spark City
04/06 Montreal, QC - Drones Club
04/07 Philadelphia, PA - TBA
04/08 Washington, DC - Union Arts
04/09 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
04/10 Jacksonville, FL - Rain Dogs
04/11 Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic