We Are the City Are Calling It Quits

We Are the City Are Calling It Quits
We Are the City are breaking up. After 12 years as a band, the Vancouver-based group announced this morning that they are amicably parting way.

Before they go, however, singer-keyboardist Cayne McKenzie, drummer Andrew Huculiak and guitarist David Menzel are giving fans a parting gift via one last track. Called "Lover Is Dead," the song will arrive on Sunday (October 11).

UPDATE (10/12, 8 a.m. ET): You can now hear "Lover Is Dead" below.

"The song is about the end of an era and truly captures a sense of pain and loss, which comes with the decision to move forward into a new phase of life," We Are the City said in a statement.

"This feeling is hard to convey to fans, as the band ends. We feel that 'Lover Is Dead' is the best way to reveal our collective emotion, to those who care, in a time of change. Love will never die, but everything comes to an end." 

As part of their final farewell, We Are the City are also livestreaming an event called "Celebration of Life" on October 23. You can get tickets here.

"We Are the City has been a glorious chapter for the three of us," the band stated. "What an awesome ride. Everything that was possible for We Are the City has been achieved. It's important as an artist to know when a project has seen its full potential. Nothing goes forever and it's important to know when to close the book. Every party has a time limit." 

Earlier this year, We Are the City released their album RIP — an album title that's more appropriate now than ever.