Watch Sparks' Ron Mael Show Off His Hand Sanitizer Collection

His travel-size bottles from around the world put today's hoarders to shame

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 24, 2020

Recent hand sanitizer hoarders include coronavirus panic buyers and the morally bankrupt, but Sparks' Ron Mael is neither. In fact, the keyboardist was collecting the cleaner before it was cool, and he is now showing off his stockpile of sanitizers from around the globe

In a video shared through Sparks' social channels, the elder Mael spends just over seven minutes taking viewers through his collection of travel-sized bottles. 

Leading off with some different coloured variants of Purell packaging, his crash course in becoming a cleanliness connoisseur focuses on offerings from Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Japan.

Mael shows that Japan, which he identifies as "the epicentre of a great variety of hand sanitizers," has a popular brand of gel that features a raccoon on the label. Sticking with the same brand, he shows off a more powerful gel in yellow packaging, along with a "very rare" edition in slim tube format perfect for travel.

Let the cleanliness wash over you in the player below. Sparks note that Mael is also a collector of snowglobes, postcards and Air Jordan shoes.

In January, Sparks announced new album A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip. It is currently set to arrive May 15 through BMG Records. The duo shared new song "Self-Effacing" last month.

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