Watch Jim Carrey Duet with Alice Cooper in 2016

The pair performed "School's Out," "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and more

BY Ben OkazawaPublished May 12, 2023

Jim Carrey has never shied away from a performance, and when he performs, he performs. So, naturally, when Alice Cooper brought him onstage during a charity event in Hawaii, the Toronto-born actor/comedian got fully into character, squatting to leer at the crowd in Cooper-esque face paint.

The pair kicked off their string of duets with "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Carrey's mic didn't work at first, but he adjusted quickly to share Cooper's in intimate fashion before moving on to a different working one. 

He found his groove quickly as they moved on to play "School's Out" and cover Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall," wiggling and gyrating his body around the stage in the manner that defined his classic characters from '90s movies like The Mask and Ace Venture: Pet Detective

Watch the newly resurfaced videos of Jim Carrey and Alice Cooper's duets at the Maui Food Bank charity event below.

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