Watch Blink-182 Cover the Misfits in Full 'Joker' Garb

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 29, 2019

Say what you will about Todd Phillips's Joker, but the hot-button film has undoubtedly provided us with a great Halloween costume choice for 2019. Blink-182 clearly knew just as much, dressing up in full Arthur Fleck garb while performing in Los Angeles over the weekend. Adding more twistedness to the mix, they even covered a Misfits song.

While performing at KROQ's Halloween Show in Los Angeles on Saturday (October 26), the band busted into a straightforward take on the Misfits' "Skulls." The cover saw Matt Skiba take on the lead vocals, so it's not too different from the Alkaline Trio's numerous Misfits covers over the years.

That said, this time around it involves plenty of Joker-ish makeup, so it really is a special Halloween miracle. Watch Blink cover the Misfits dressed as the Joker below.

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