Watch Sum 41 Burn an Effigy with "Landmines" on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

'Heaven :x: Hell'? You decide!

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 9, 2024

With all of the American acts surely still recovering from last weekend's Grammy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live! had to look north of the border for last night's (February 8) musical guests. (Just kidding, but possibly!) Sum 41 appeared on the late-night show to perform "Landmines" from their forthcoming final album, Heaven :x: Hell, which is due next month.

If the fact that it's one of Exclaim!'s Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2024 wasn't enough, the Ajax-hailing band's release is set to be a double album: one side returning to their scene-building pop-punk roots, the other digging even deeper into the heavier metal sound they've preferred in more recent years. "Landmines" is, as you'd expect, very firmly in the former camp. Although frontman Deryck Whibley has said that he had no intention of writing an "old school pop-punk song," that's exactly what he did.

After being introduced by host Jimmy Kimmel, Sum 41 blazed through a rendition of the nostalgic, hooky track — complete with visuals of flames and a bunch of cross-shaped tombstones. (The song is supposed to be from the Heaven half of the double album, so gird your loins for Hell.)

Check out the fiery rendition below.

Sum 41 embark on their farewell tour this year, with the final Toronto shows scheduled for early 2025.

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