Wastoids "Fuck 82"

Wastoids 'Fuck 82'
Wastoids self-identify as "four pretty boys from Etobicoke, ON, making noisy, bratty hardcore punk," which should be more than enough to get certain parties interested. The band are gearing up to release a new EP called Dangerous Spaces, and they've shared its debut single with Exclaim.ca.

While the lyrics aren't exactly easy to make out, "Fuck 82" is a clear middle-finger flipped towards the UK82 crusties who worship the charged hair and endless d-beats of old. Instead, the song gets by on some hard-as-nails riffs, throat-shredding vocals and a pummelling singalong. Put simply, it's really great, balls-out hardcore punk.

Listen to "Fuck 82" below.

Dangerous Spaces will arrive on December 2 via No Idea/High Anxiety. The 7-inch was recorded by Fucked Up/Career Suicide dude Jonah Falco.

Dangerous Spaces:

1. Fuck 82
2. Nailbiter
3. Faux Pas
4. No Sides / Trash
5. Too Weak For Punk