Walrus Share Chad VanGaalen-Directed Video for "Half Smoke"

Their new album 'Cool to Who' arrives next month
Walrus Share Chad VanGaalen-Directed Video for 'Half Smoke'
Having created weird and wonderful videos for the likes of Timber Timbre and Daniel Romano, Chad VanGaalen has now blessed Walrus with his animation talents.

The Halifax-based four-piece have paired some VanGaalen visuals with new single "Half Smoke," which is set to appear on their forthcoming sophomore album Cool to Who. You can take the shapeshifting, neon-hued trip in the player below.

"The 'Half-Smoke' video started out as a story about life on the road," VanGaalen explained. "It then quickly derailed into synchronised psychedelic abstractions. I love it when this happens."

"Half Smoke" was written about the time Walrus were robbed on tour in San Francisco, which then led them to being banned for life from Avis Car Rental.

"We had been robbed in San Fran after our window was smashed in the van, then after a show in San Diego we had a day and a half to make it to Chicago," vocalist Justin Murphy recalled. "We did it. Then we had to play Moline, Illinois after and we had run out of money. I had run out of money, and we had the best band blow-up to date. I was sure it was done. My clothes had been stolen, I was bumming cigarettes. But it could always have been worse."

Cool to Who arrives October 18 via Outside Music. Walrus are set to tour Canada throughout September, October and November.