Vic Mensa "Heir to the Throne" (freestyle)

Vic Mensa 'Heir to the Throne' (freestyle)
"This is the beginning of a new dynasty." A charged and confident opening line from Chicago rapper Vic Mensa on a new freestyle titled "Heir to the Throne," but who are we to disagree? You can check out the off-the-cuff bars from the rising rapper in a new stream.

The track repuproses the old, but still plenty potent beat from Biggie's "Who Shot Ya?" After Mensa ad-libs a desire to skip out on photo shoots and press meet-and-greets, he goes hard with a finely-tuned rant that ups A$AP Rocky, hp-hop heads in London and Chi-Town NBA retiree John Paxson. On the flip, the youngblood targets sneak-disses, tradition, and shady authority figures.

Arguably, the coronation was a while ago. You'll hear the Roc Nation rap royal addressing his subjects down below.