UNKLE "Cowboys or Indians"

UNKLE 'Cowboys or Indians'
Six years removed from the release of Where Did the Night Fall, UK outfit UNKLE are getting back in the game. Details on their next album are slim, but the collection is being teased with a stream of its gospel-and-trip hop-tinged first single, "Cowboys or Indians."

The track is plenty is moody, initially rolling itself out with rustic acoustic guitar picking and the downtrodden sounds of a Southern gospel choir. Taking the piece into a different, though no less eerie direction, it then wubs into a mix of icy synth sounds, a hard-swung digi-beat, and a whispery rap apparently challenging the evil powers that be ("I see your menace / I cannot take this").

A due date has yet to be affixed to the impending UNKLE LP, but it will find project leader James Lavelle joined by rapper Elliott Power, YSÉE and Mïnk. In the meantime, you can stream "Cowboys or Indians" below, courtesy of Clash.