United Nations "United Nations Vs. United Nations"

United Nations 'United Nations Vs. United Nations'
While Geoff Rickly unveiled his new No Devotion project with former members of Lostprophets earlier this week, let's not forget that the screamo singer has a new LP from his shadowy United Nations unit on the way this month. The group are streaming yet another track off their The Next Four Years platter, a self-referential crusher called "United Nations vs. United Nations."

Up front, the track delivers hard-swung mosh rhythms, ear-eviscerating guitar tones and feral screams, but brace yourself for a cascade of blurry drum fills and ambient backup vocals as the song heads into the mid-section. You can latch on to the gnarly grooves down below.

The Next Four Years lands July 15 via Temporary Residence Ltd.