Trey Songz "Life on Mars?" (David Bowie cover)

Trey Songz 'Life on Mars?' (David Bowie cover)
HBO drama Vinyl hasn't exactly been met with universal acclaim, but the show has at least delivered a few interesting cover songs to help score its scenes of '70s-era excess. The latest track to arrive is R&B artist Trey Songz's interpretation of the late David Bowie's early glam ballad, "Life on Mars?"

Songz envelopes the vocal melody with a rich and honeyed tone, giving the song a much different energy than Bowie's iconic English pomp. This version also keeps things minimal, rolling out with not much more than vocals and an echoed piano instead of a fully symphonic affair.

With regards to the lyrics of "Life on Mars?": Whether or not you feel Vinyl is a "saddening bore" or the "freakiest show" is almost beside the point. You'll find Songz's Hunky Dory redo down below.