Transplants "Come Around"

Transplants 'Come Around'
Transplants' first teased their upcoming In a Warzone with the raging title cut, but the rap/punk/pop hybridists offer up some surprisingly feel-good sounds in the next sneak peek, "Come Around."

The song's super simple three-chord arrangement is full of sunny, shuffled drum beats, acoustic strums and gleefully plinked-out melodies that contrast the outfit's punkier tendencies. When not singing the chorus hook, "Skinhead" Rob Aston raps his way through lines about accepting the good times and bad times, while Tim Armstrong mumbles his way through his verses noting that he'll keep fighting the fight no matter what comes his way.

You can stream the positive-minded number down below.

As previously reported, In a Warzone drops June 25 via Epitaph, and Transplants will hit the road for a summer tour Rancid next month.