Transplants "In a Warzone"

Transplants 'In a Warzone'
Punk- and hip hop-leaning outfit Transplants lean a little less on the rapping than you might expect on "In a Warzone," the kind of crusty first leak from their upcoming LP of the same name.

The first new tune from the band in eight years blitzes by furiously on mean guitar melodies, Travis Barker's nitro-fuelled drum beats and bomb-dropping back-and-forth vocals from Tim Armstrong and Rob Aston. The latter's verse talks of civil unrest and the threat of class warfare, while Armstrong talks about an impending napalm blizzard and burning buildings.

You can sample the track in the widget down below, which also offers up the track for the price of an email address.

While a street date has yet to be locked down, In a Warzone is expected to arrive in May.