Tracey Thorn Preps 'SOLO: Songs and Collaborations 1982-2015'

Tracey Thorn Preps 'SOLO: Songs and Collaborations 1982-2015'
Three years on from English vocalist Tracey Thorn's Tinsel and Lights holiday LP, the singer has announced a solo career-observing collection will land just ahead of the Christmas season. Titled SOLO: Songs and Collaborations 1982-2015, it hits stores October 23 via Caroline International.

As that title suggests, the two-disc, 34-song set puts the focus on Thorn's work outside of well-regarded UK sophisti-pop duo Everything But the Girl. This includes solo material dating back to Thorn's 1982 full-length A Distant Shore through to more recent work like 2007's Out of the Woods, 2010's Love and Its Opposite, and Tinsel and Lights.

While the aforementioned albums cover the "solo" part of the title, the set also homes in on collaborative work Thorn has done over the years with the likes of Massive Attack and Style Council, as well as includes remixes from acts like Hot Chip, Morgan Geist and more.

Thorn said in a statement of the song selection: "Many might think my best work was with Everything But the Girl, or the Marine Girls, or that I should at least include some of those tracks. But with any interesting compilation you have to have a story to tell, a unifying theme, and here the idea is contained in the single word of the title, Solo."

Down below, you'll find the full tracklisting details for SOLO: Songs and Collaborations 1982-2015, as well as a trailer culling clips from various Tracey Thorn videos.

SOLO: Songs And Collaborations 1982-2015:

CD 1:

1. Oh, The Divorces!
2. Under The Ivy
3. Small Town Girl
4. Plain Sailing
5. Hands Up To The Ceiling
6. Follow Me Down
7. Goodbye Joe
8. Hormones
9. Taxi Cab
10. Sister Winter
11. Overture (The Unbending Trees Ft. Tracey Thorn)
12. Kentish Town
13. By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept
15. Venceremos (7" Bossa Version) (Working Week ft. Robert Wyatt, Tracey Thorn And Claudia Figueroa)
16. How Wild The Wind Blows
17. Singles Bar
18. The Book Of Love
19. Late In The Afternoon
20. Joy

CD 2: 

1. Protection (7") (Massive Attack Ft. Tracey Thorn)
2. Easy
3. Better Things (Massive Attack Ft. Tracey Thorn)
4. Night Time
5. Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
6. You Are A Lover (Clock Opera Remix)
7. It's All True (Escort Extended Remix)
8. Grand Canyon (Ada Remix)
9. Why Does The Wind? (Morgan Geist Remix)
10. Damage (Tiefschwarz Ft.uring Tracey Thorn)
11. Without Me (Tevo Howard Radio Edit) (Tevo Howard Ft. Tracey Thorn)
12. King's Cross (Hot Chip Remix)
13. Swimming (Visionquest Remix)
14. The Tree Knows Everything (Adam F Ft. Tracey Thorn)

Tracey Thorn SOLO : Songs and Collaborations 1982 - 2015 from Caroline International on Vimeo.