TOY Return with 'Clear Shot'

TOY Return with 'Clear Shot'
Three years removed from their sophomore effort, Join the Dots, TOY have announced details behind their third LP. Titled Clear Shot, the new effort is set to see the light of day this fall through Heavenly Recordings.

Ten tracks in length, Clear Shot is said to boast "a lushly cinematic, symphonic form" in which "ideas appear, sink and re-emerge in an almost modal jazz manner; subject to some gnomic process, deep and stoned-sounding."

According to the band, reading more and going out slightly less enabled experimentation in writing and demoing the record. 

"One of the books we all swapped around was Electric Eden by Rob Young," bassist Maxim Barron said in a press release. "The sound of folk music and how it progressed in a modernizing world interested us and the idea that people were looking back to forms of music that were in danger of being forgotten, looking back at a golden age. Bands like Incredible String Band, The Langley School's Music Project and The Wicker Man soundtrack were on quite a bit and I think that influenced the sound in some way."

The record was recorded by David Wrench at Eve Studios in Stockport, UK, where they used "lots of good old equipment in a weird, secluded house." Along with the album details, the band have given listeners a taste of what's to come with grungy six-minute single "Fast Silver," which can be heard below.

Clear Shot will arrive on October 28 through Heavenly Recordings. Scroll through the tracklist to hear "Fast Silver" in the player below.

Clear Shot:

1. Clear Shot
2. Another Dimension
3. Fast Silver
4. I'm Still Believing
5. Clouds That Cover The Sun
6. Jungle Games
7. Dream Orchestrator
8. We Will Disperse
9. Spirits Don't Lie
10. Cinema