Toronto's Kyla Charter Releases Debut Single "Doubts"

Toronto's Kyla Charter Releases Debut Single 'Doubts'
Toronto's Kyla Charter is well-acquainted with the Canadian music scene, and now, debut single "Doubts" sees the musician stepping into the spotlight. 

In recent years, Charter has lent her soulful voice and guitar-playing prowess to several notable artists, including Alessia CaraJuly Talk, Zaki Ibrahim, Rich Aucoin, the Queer Songbook Orchestra and Melbourne-based Kingswood, as well as Patrick Watson — who Charter supported on tour before the pandemic cut things short. Though the ensuing lockdown, however dark those days were, helped inspire "Doubts."

"I was forced to face myself and all the ways in which I had been self-sabotaging," Charter said of the era. "I truly asked myself why…There were no good answers. I realized, the 'me' that was having those thoughts was an unreliable narrator. I allowed myself to question those thoughts, challenge those thoughts, and 'have my doubts' about those thoughts as they told me what I did and didn't deserve. In writing this song, I got to explore the exorcism of that kind of thinking."

Charter's breathy, layered vocals carry amidst distorted drum beats as the track progresses, in no rush to reach its end. Blending soul and R&B, "Doubts" showcases the singer-songwriter's eclectic musical palette — a result of her multicultural upbringing in Toronto.

It's been a busy fall — in addition to Charter's debut, she also performed at Toronto's Venus Fest in October.

So far, the artist has yet to announce a larger body of work tied to the release, but for now, we can content ourselves by playing this new track on repeat. Listen to "Doubts" below.