Titus Bank Shares Debut Single "I Do Yeah"

It's the first release on Everything Forever, the new label founded by Said the Whale's Tyler Bancroft
Titus Bank Shares Debut Single 'I Do Yeah'
Vancouver singer-songwriter Titus Bank has released his debut single. "I Do Yeah" is available to stream now through Everything Forever, the new label launched by Said the Whale singer-guitarist Tyler Bancroft.

"I Do Yeah" was co-written by Bank and Toronto pop group Valley, and it tackles the tug-of-war of social pressures and expectations. Its challenging subject matter is contrasted by an easygoing hook. Bank's vocals sound coated in caramel as he breezes through his repeated admissions of getting caught up in what other people think.

In a statement, the artist said, "On the one hand, we need to recognize our faults and failures and aim to correct, learn and grow from them. Yet we also can't let the pressure of how the world wants us to be affect the beautiful messiness and creativity of life. I want to be better, but sometimes I need to let go and be free from myself and what others expect of me."

In the accompanying video directed by Zachary Vague, Bank delivers the song to camera and, at one point, looks like he's trapped in a phone booth/glass case of emotion.

Watch the "I Do Yeah" video below.  

Bank's single is the first release on Everything Forever. The label had six initial signings, including Titus Bank, Big Kill, Mute Choir, shy kids and Micah Erenberg. Plus, the imprint will release Said the Whale's forthcoming LP.