Timber Timbre

"Curtains?!" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 14, 2014

Timber Timbre have fit yet another creeper from their recent Hot Dreams LP with a set of visuals, this time pairing the ominous elements of their "Curtains?!" with a film noir-style narrative.

As you'll see in the screener, the scenario involves a square-jawed Johnny trying to put his finger on some odd goings-on, piecing together what a mysterious message scrawled onto a matchbook could mean by tailing a few fellas. After white-knuckling his steering wheel around town, our suit's investigation leads to an abode where the dames' dos are as dark as ill-lit hallway... that is until the pistols brighten up the joint.

You can fill yourself in on the rest of the swell and stylish video down below.

Also, you can catch Timber Timbre on tour over the next few months, with the venue and date specifics available to be eyeballed over here.

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