Tim Fite Gone Ain't Gone

Tim Fite’s been playing around with sounds, specifically those he can find or buy from the discount bins for less than a dollar, for a few years now. A master of appropriation, Fite has a knack for building songs out of the forgotten bits and bytes left behind by artists before him. Gone Ain’t Gone is his official debut although he’s been recording for some time. A post-modern blend of American music, from blues to country to hip-hop and punk rock, his music could be compared to that of Beck or Buck 65, except that he is far less consistent, hopping genres mid-song and mixing references so much that it’s difficult to pin him down on anything. Perfectly evasive, Fite navigates the sensory overload, holding on only to what he can use. He’s drawn from an incredibly diverse spectrum of music, but he’s managed to keep things amazingly fluid. In a way this shouldn’t be surprising; Gone Ain’t Gone explores the mutation and evolution of American music across boundaries of experiences that seem alienated from one another, but draw upon a common cultural heritage. While music changes over time, it is fractured and re-categorised, and Fite demonstrates that the pieces still fit together. Gone Ain’t Gone is a pastiche you need to hear to appreciate. (Anti)