The Tragically Hip Announce 'Live at the Roxy' Concert Album

Listen to the 1991 recording of "She Didn't Know"
The Tragically Hip Announce 'Live at the Roxy' Concert Album
The Tragically Hip included a 1991 concert recording, Live at the Roxy, in their Road Apples 30th anniversary box set last year. Now, Live at the Roxy is getting a standalone release. It's out June 24 through Universal Music Canada.

The 15-song set marks the band's first standalone live album in 25 years, since 1997's Live Between Us. It was recorded at the Roxy nightclub in Los Angeles on May 3, 1991, and 40 minutes of it was broadcast on the radio, making the entire concert highly sought after.

Hip bassist Gord Sinclair said in a statement, "I remember the Roxy show like it was yesterday. We had spent a year on the road before recording Road Apples and got right back in the saddle when we finished. The new tunes worked great live and by the time we got to L.A. we were firing on all pistons."  

The album includes classic songs like "Little Bones," "Cordelia," "Three Pistols," "Long Time Running," "Blow at High Dough," and a nine-minute version of "New Orleans Is Sinking" known as the "Killer Whale Tank" version, featuring a mid-song story about cleaning an aquarium.

Live at the Roxy will come out digitally, on CD and as a double LP; it's available to pre-order here. See the tracklist below, and also listen to the Live at the Roxy version of "She Didn't Know."

Live at the Roxy:

1. Little Bones
2. She Didn't Know
3. Twist My Arm
4. Highway Girl
5. Cordelia
6. Trickle Down
7. The Luxury
8. Three Pistols
9. Fight
10. I Believe in You (Or I'll Be Leaving You Tonight)
11. New Orleans Is Sinking
12. On the Verge
13. Long Time Running
14. Blow at High Dough
15. All Canadian Surf Club