The Pinc Lincolns "Not Half/No End" (video)

The Pinc Lincolns 'Not Half/No End' (video)
Following last year's Joy to the World, former Shilohs bassist Dan Colussi is branching out with a new single from his the Pinc Lincolns project. Titled "Not Half/No End," it comes as part of the new Birthday Wishes Vol. II compilation, and you can experience the song via a newly shared video.

The clip for "No Half/No End" was captured by Colussi and filmmaker Omar Elhamy, and as you'll see, it features Colussi performing on his lonesome with footage of race cars circling endlessly overtop a frozen lake. This car footage comes via Italian artist Antoinetta Dalla Costa's 1984 video Infinite Drag Strip — something that was previously featured in the Pinc Lincolns' "My Horse Is Blue" video.

In a statement, Colussi had this to say of the new video for "Not Half/No End":

Musically the song is comprised of the chords C and F. This is a song that charts a particular kind of Western agony/Western alienation experienced by an unnamed narrator who drifts back and forth between the far west of the Pacific Coast and the deep west of the interior plains. The lyrics are drawn from a variety of sources that include but are not limited to: the opening line of the title track from Steely Dan's Aja, Joan Didion's essay "West" from South and West: From a Notebook, the Durutti Column album Another Setting (can't remember the specific song), and a poem my father wrote for me in the early 2000s. The video was directed by Omar Elhamy who encouraged me to be myself and who pushed the heavy structuralist vibe.

Down below, you can see the results for yourself.

"Not Half/No End" will be available on February 1 via the compilation Birthday Wishes Vol. 2 out on the Birthday Tapes cassette label from Winnipeg. In celebration of the release, there will be a show that same night at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg.