Watch the Pinc Lincolns Channel Harry Dean Stanton with New Video

Check out the clip for "Not Half / No End" from the Shilohs offshoot's new album 'On the Plain'
Watch the Pinc Lincolns Channel Harry Dean Stanton with New Video
Following his time in Vancouver outfit the Shilohs, Daniel Colussi has been focusing on his solo venture the Pinc Lincolns. And while we've got various material from the project in recent years, the Pinc Lincolns has now fully unloaded a new full-length album on us. It's titled On the Plain, and to help usher in its release, Colussi is sharing a new video for the record's lead-off single "Not Half / No End."

With Destroyer's Nic Bragg taking up lead guitar duties, the track delivers a heady mix of psych-swirling sonics and some ultra-catchy piano lines, à la Smog's ever-classic "Ex-Con." There's also some sweetly sung backing vocals via sometimes-Lincolns band member/collaborator/confidante Jen Smyth to up the pop ante.

In a statement, Colussi had this to say of "Not Half / No End" and its accompanying video:

Without ever having really read Guy Debord or Will Self very closely I nevertheless insist that "Not Half / No End" (the song and its accompanying video, directed by my next door neighbour Ryan Simmons) is a song informed by psychogeography, and attendant ideas of displacement and relocation, of belonging and not belonging. I think that Joan Didion and Chris Kraus and Eileen Myles are all psychogeographers at various times in their writing, and I pay close attention to what they say. Joan Didion said of her beloved California that 'she is easy there in a way that she's not easy anyplace else.' I think I get that feeling, and its opposite.

About this music video: sometime around 2010 I got extremely lost in Sam Shepard's book
The Motel Chronicles, which Wim Wenders' film Paris, Texas is partly based on. Both that book and film are deeply flawed, but whatever, I still like them. This music video is, if nothing else, a chance for me to pretend to be Harry Dean Stanton as he carried himself in that particular film. Now I can cross it off my to-do list. 

Down below, you can watch the premiere of the video for "Not Half / No End" for yourself.

As for On the Plain, the new album just arrived digitally and on cassette last week via Belgium's Musty Dusty imprint. To celebrate record's release, the Pinc Lincolns will play an album release show at the Baby G in Toronto tomorrow night (October 16) with Lake Visions and Picastro. You can also stream On the Plain below the music video.