The Burdocks Treat 'Airplane Tracks' to Vinyl Reissue

The Burdocks Treat 'Airplane Tracks' to Vinyl Reissue
Initially released in 2004 on Out of Touch Records, the Burdocks' sophomore EP Airplane Tracks exposed what we called "the joys of the major scale in a way even hard-ass math rock fans can appreciate" with powerful pop melodies. Over a decade after its release, the effort is finally set to come to vinyl for the first time.

Set for release through Label Obscura, the record is available in a limited edition of 300 on heavyweight white vinyl. Remastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Studio, the reissue also features updated artwork from Yorodeo.

Escaping the shadow of Halifax darlings Sloan, the Burdocks were likened to everyone from Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, to Pavement and Polvo, with the press release calling Airplane Tracks "a perfect snapshot of the band as it was in 2004." The band's members would go on to play in projects such as Dog Day, Play Guitar, Sheer Agony, and Alright Already.

You can get your hands on the vinyl edition of Airplane Tracks here, with the official release and ship date being listed as April 16. Look through the tracklisting and hear opener "Pop Cult" in the player below.

Airplane Tracks:

1. Pop Cult
2. Icicle Knife
3. Receipts
4. Save The World
5. We Save Ourselves
6. Room Temperature
7. Battle of the Band