Burdocks What We Do Is Secret

While there’s plenty of sneer and attitude to be had from the Burdocks, it is the uneven feel of their album that unfortunately leaves a longer impression. Moving from abrasive indie to post-punk and back again, the constant elements here are dirty guitars and good energy that no doubt translates into one hell of a rock show. While energy does grab the attention, one album can sustain itself on energy alone. Early triumph "Let’s Cut Each Other Up” exudes a danceable beat, great yelp-singing and jerky, angular guitars that all the kids are currently digging now. While the general feel to the album would be a nod to Gang of Four, without the British sneer, there’s also just a splash of hardcore, most easily found on "Mistake Parade.” It’s hard to wrap up this album in an overall feeling as the songs bounce around too much and don’t coalesce to well into an album. So, if there was an iPod-worthy band, it’s Burdocks as then you can take in their manic, grasping vigour one great song at a time, without the burden of ever having them grouped together too much. (Black Mountain)