Tate McRae Teases Upcoming Album Co-Written with Ryan Tedder

The pair collaborated on "greedy"

Photo: Lissyelle Laricchia

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Oct 30, 2023

Tate McRae's latest hit "greedy" has quickly become one of her biggest songs, joining JUNO-nominated tracks like "she's all i wanna be" and "you broke me first." She's attributed part of the song's success to co-writer and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who she's now revealing has also contributed to several of her unreleased songs alongside Amy Allen and Jasper Harris. 

In an interview published by Billboard, McRae hinted that the songs still in the new writing quartet's vault could go towards an upcoming full-length project. 

"I just try to be a sponge as much as possible, and just see where their instincts go ... It feels like a little family," she said. "And we're just, like, trying out new sounds and being ballsy and being like, 'How do we take a bigger risk and say something different?'"

She went on to discuss the impact that "greedy" has had on her brand as an artist, saying it was her first song that felt like "100 percent my vision."

"I can look at ['greedy'] on Spotify and I can look at it on YouTube and be like, 'I'm so proud of this.' And I think that's why I'm having a really good time," she explained. "I'm working beside people that I really admire, and people that really respect me as a young woman, and that feels very satisfying." 

Watch the "greedy" music video below as we await further McRae, Tedder, Allen and Harris collaborations to come. 

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