Strung Out Announce 'Transmission Alpha Delta' via New Album Trailer

Strung Out Announce 'Transmission Alpha Delta' via New Album Trailer
Strung Out may be eyeing the past with the release of their upcoming vinyl box set and reissue series, but the long-running pop-punk quintet have now revealed plans to issue a new set of songs by the summer.

Details are still developing around the next album, but a new trailer issued by the band confirms that it's called Transmission Alpha Delta, which is due sometime in June. You'll find the Philip Glass-scored video, featuring shots of the band wandering through Japan before hitting a concert stage, down below.

Though song info has yet to be offered up, a recent interview with vocalist Jason Cruz had him confirming that recording sessions for their eighth full-length, and first since 2009's Agents of the Underground, began this month following two months of pre-production.

Despite the nostalgia involved with the upcoming reissue series, which is delivering tweaked-up editions of 1994's Another Day in Paradise, 1996's Suburban Wasteland Blues and 1998's Twisted by Design, Cruz noted that the band aren't coasting off their past glories for their next LP.

"I think we're actually contributing something with this new record. It's something new and that makes me feel really good. Like, we're not just sucking off our reputation, or the scene or the '90s," he told Punknews of the new material. "I feel we're actually contributing something new and better to what we do and music."

On the technical front, Cruz added that the songs still sound like Strung Out, but that they're "taking risks" and adjusting the sound, including tuning their guitars up to E flat ("that's a big deal," he quipped).

While a proper due date has yet to be affixed for the in-the-works album, Strung Out's reissue series and its accompanying box set hit shelves April 1. You can find out more about that project here.