'Stand in the Fire' (album stream)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 1, 2016

Edmonton heavy metal outfit Striker are ready to leave the competition in the dust with their new album Stand in the Fire, and Exclaim! is proud to premiere the forthcoming record in its entirety before release.

Mixed and mastered by renowned Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström, the 11-track effort promises to be "a high-octane mix that is ready for ignition." On the heels of winning the third annual Edmonton Music Prize for their 2014 record City of Gold, one should expect nothing less. From the breakneck thrash of "Out for Blood" to the tireless gallop of "Outlaw," the band are indeed firing on all musical cylinders.

"We released Stand in the Fire on our own, with no one to tell us what to do. We broke all the rules and wrote our own, and this album is all about perseverance and going out there and getting shit done," wrote the band in a press release. "We crossed all the lines we could find and gladly jumped outside of typical genre limits. We wanted something new and fresh, and no one could hold us back this time."

Stand in the Fire arrives on February 5 through the band's own Record Breaking Records, but you can give it an early listen in the player below right now.

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