Striker Striker

Striker Striker
Canada's emerging power metal outfit Striker are back from the high seas, having just performed the 2017 edition of the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, and are releasing their fifth full length album, the self-titled Striker. While the unabashed throwback power metal mandate is as strong as ever here, the ferocity, production and technical prowess all blaze particularly strongly on this one.
It would seem peculiar to call this effort a resurgence, what with Stand in the Fire being released just last year, but Striker gush with so much enthusiasm here, with explosive riffs swirling between the vibrant harmonies and choruses, that it's hard not to notice.
The established influences are as clear as ever, with tendrils of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden seeping through on many tracks, and a pervasive upbeat '80s hair metal attitude. The band excel the most here when they take this foundation and use it as a launch pad to unexplored territory.
Tracks like "Former Glory" and "Born to Lose" are anthemic, catchy as hell and feature soaring vocals from Dan Cleary and terrific guitar work by Tim Brown. "Rock the Night" definitely pulls back the pace a bit, offering a more drawn out experience that nods to the Whitesnake sound. "Shadows in the Light" and "Pass by Me" are tracks that showcase the chugging intensity and vocal pacing of some of the best Anthrax work. The tantalizing power anthem "Freedom's Call" would feel nicely at home on an '80s action movie soundtrack.
On Striker, the band take a host of influences and hone them into a sound they can call their own. (Record Breaking Records)