Strike Anywhere vs. The Boardroom

Strike Anywhere vs. The Boardroom
In the midst of a really insane night, getting into Strike Anywhere's dressing room was like finding the eye of a hurricane. An annual punk-a-thon pseudo-awards-show-thing presented by Punkorama, the weekly (surprise!) punk show on Toronto's 102.1 The Edge, the dangerously-named F.U. Awards consist of a ton of bands playing one or two songs each, plus contests, plus big-screen Mario Kart (!!!), plus, you know... some awards. Add several hundred drunk punks to the mix, and you've got a really overwhelming night. Fifteen minutes of talk about vegan turkey and Barack Obama is pretty much required to keep you sane under the circumstances.

Strike Anywhere are, without a doubt, one of the nicest and smartest bands operating in punk rock today. During our whole conversation, I asked about one question, but was given two beers. Look at those figures! We talked pretty much exclusively about the American presidential primaries, and when our time was up, they were kind enough to give us this tongue-in-cheek tour of what we kept sarcastically referring to as their "boardroom". Seriously, the band before them had finished playing by that point, but you could never tell that they were getting ready to go out and perform powerful political punk rock from their light-hearted demeanor and love of bouncy castles.

It should be pointed out that the microphone in the fruit belongs to us. A quick survey of people I live with shows that 100% of viewers think that Strike Anywhere actually have a microphone put in their fruit. Maybe they do. Wouldn't that be fucking crazy?

Sam Sutherland

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