Stolen Randy Rhoads Memorabilia Recovered from North Hollywood Dumpster

But the Ozzy Osbourne guitarist's first electric guitar is still missing
Stolen Randy Rhoads Memorabilia Recovered from North Hollywood Dumpster
A number of items belonging to late Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads and his family were recovered this weekend after being stolen from California's Musonia School of Music, though they may need some TLC based on where they were found.

As Los Angeles news outlet ABC7 reports, local resident Bobbi Fredriksz spotted a guitar and photos in a dumpster while walking her dog yesterday morning (December 8), thinking nothing of it until she saw a news report about the theft on the network later that day.

"As I was laying in bed, not feeling well, when it came on I was like 'wait a minute, oh my God,'" Fredriksz told ABC7. "I ran all the way back over here it was still here. Somebody else started to see it and called police."

The North Hollywood school, which is also the home to the Randy Rhoads museum, was founded by the Rhoads family in 1948. The school was broken into on November 28, with thieves stealing instruments, memorabilia and photos.

Items still missing include a 1963 Harmony Rocket — the first electric guitar Rhoads ever played — and a Great Depression-era silver Besson trumpet that belonged to Rhoads's mother, Delores.

Following the robbery, Ozzy Osbourne personally offered a reward of $25,000 for the return of the items or information leading to the arrest of the thieves, writing, "I am heartbroken that these treasured physical memories of Randy and Delores have been taken from the family."

Rhoads's family told ABC7 that the museum remains closed indefinitely, though the school is still open.

Rhoads died in a plane accident while on tour with Osbourne in 1982. He was 25.