Souns Gets Synkro, Loscil, Phaeleh for New Remix EP

The effort collects four remixes of his "Sun Inside the Sun"
Souns Gets Synkro, Loscil, Phaeleh for New Remix EP
Having delivered his Aquamarine album in 2017, Souns has readied a new remix EP centered on one of the album's tracks.

The Vancouver producer born Michael Red will deliver the five-track Sun Inside the Sun (Remixes) EP through Subtempo Records on May 31. Alongside a remastered version of the titular cut, the EP features remixes from Synkro, Loscil, Phaeleh and Red himself.

Red handpicked the collaborators himself, viewing the EP as "a natural continuation of their work together" having shared the studio or stage will all three guests. Alongside the announcement, Loscil's remix of "Sun Inside the Sun" is available to hear below.

Of his contribution to the EP, Loscil wrote, "Sometimes the process of remixing can surprise you. You subconsciously hear something in the sounds and try to coax it out. What came out the other side of working with Michael's sounds was a slow burn, a bit of a dirge. A sun inside a sun inside a sun."

Sun Inside the Sun (Remixes) is available for pre-order here.

Sun Inside the Sun (Remixes):

1. Sun Inside the Sun (Remastered)
2. Sun Inside the Sun (Loscil Remix)
3. Sun Inside the Sun (Michael Red Remix)
4. Sun Inside the Sun (Synkro Remix)
5. Sun Inside the Sun (Phaeleh Remix)