Sondre Lerche

"Surviving Christmas"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 11, 2015

Norwegian popsmith Sondre Lerche released his latest LP Please last year, and even offered up his own take on Sia's smash hit "Chandelier." He's back to honing his own material now, though, and his latest offering is a festive little number.
Getting into the holiday spirit a little bit early, Lerche teamed up with Jherek Bischoff to write a Yuletide tune titled "Surviving Christmas." The cheery, charming song is an ode to snowmen everywhere that are struggling to keep cool and carry on through the winter months. It's a sentiment that can apply to humans, as well, though.
"It's a simple song, projected in a big way," he told Stereogum, where the track premiered. "It's bereft of irony or cynicism, and as such maybe corresponds with different eras. It's something I hope both children and adults can appreciate and feel good listening to, perhaps even sing along to. If it feels too idealistic, wholesome, even naive, that is good. I wanted the song to identify and strive for our greatest potential as human beings, even if we as individuals fail to live up to it most of the time."
The track will appear on an Amazon Music compilation titled Indie for the Holidays, which is due out on November 20. It's a sweet way to ease into another holiday season, and you can do just that by giving "Surviving Christmas" a spin in the player below.

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