Snoop Dogg "Wet" (video)

Snoop Dogg 'Wet' (video)
When it first came out, we couldn't believe Snoop Dogg had written "Wet" for Prince William's upcoming bachelor party. With lines like "Drip, drip, drip for me mommy," the song whizzes past Snoop's usual weed obsession to R. Kelly levels of extreme horniness. Now, the track has become even steamier, with a sexed-up video.

 The video kicks off with Snoop hanging out beside a hot tub full of well-endowed females, where he reveals his lack of biblical knowledge, saying, "walk on water like Moses" to one of the girls. Then he calls up Buckingham Palace, invites William to join him for an evening of Las Vegas debauchery, complete with a million hoes.

 Then Snoop hangs out with a million ladies in a club while wearing a mattress-like white tuxedo. Two posh-looking white dudes show up, presumably meant to be William and Harry, and Snoop makes it rain dollar bills while the ladies dance over the royalty's shirtless bodies. Naturally, the vid concludes with Snoop hanging out with a stripper in the desert on some vintage furniture.

The idea of a track about natural female lubricant intended for the Royal Family is amazing and hilarious on its own, but we're having even more fun imagining the Queen spilling her Earl Grey tea in disgust as she watches this video.