Master P Says He and Snoop Dogg Are Fighting Racism as They Sue Walmart for Hiding Their Cereal Brand

He also compared the rise of Snoop Cereal to Martin Luther King, Jr.

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Feb 6, 2024

Snoop Dogg and Master P have been involved in their fair share of feuds in their day — Snoop with Eminem and Suge Knight, and Master P with, most recently, his own son Romeo Miller — but neither has faced a foe quite as formidable as Walmart. 

The business partner rappers have gone to bat for their breakfast cereal brand Snoop Cereal in a lawsuit against the big box conglomerate, which they allege has been deliberately hiding Snoop Cereal from customers. 

The suit was filed against Walmart and cereal giant Post, which Snoop and Master P claim tried to buy Snoop Cereal, but when they refused to sell, settled for a distribution deal. TMZ reported today that, in the lawsuit, the duo argue "Post should have stacked the Snoop Cereal next to their other top sellers, but Post only agreed to the deal to shut them out of the market altogether."

Walmart responded with a fairly nondescript statement to TMZ today, writing: "Walmart values our relationships with our suppliers, and we have a strong history of supporting entrepreneurs. Many factors affect the sales of any given product, including consumer demand, seasonality, and price, to name a few. We will respond as appropriate with the Court once we are served with the complaint."

Although neither rapper has yet to comment directly on the legal battle, Master P shared a video today lauding Snoop and comparing their venture to Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"We are building a family brand. Dr. Martin Luther King showed us how to dream, fought racism and guess what? We're doing the same in corporate America for equal rights for everybody," he said. "We want to make sure we're opening doors up for not only our company, but so many thousands of other companies that have dreams and visions."

Check out Master P's response as well as an ad for Snoop Cereal below. 


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