BY Daryl KeatingPublished Feb 10, 2015

When you think turntable scratching, you may conjure up images of flashy narcissists, finger-pointing to the decks as they flick an unsuspecting cross-fader into oblivion. Break that image into splinters, then take only the finest shards to begin construction on a new picture, in which scratching is no longer the manipulation of music but the music itself. This is where we find experimental Torontonian, SlowPitch.
Created from samples, found sound and deft turntablism, Emoralis is a refreshing take on a stagnant platform. Its compositions touch on two themes: nature — as on the wildlife-sampling "Anterior Movement," where it's like SlowPitch has plugged those ones and twos directly into a sequoia tree and let the sap ooze through the beat — and the more dominant theme, space. From the rocket launch beginnings of "Separation Point" to the eerie, alien-like transmissions on "She Makes Solar Flares," Emoralis makes for an otherworldly listen. Yet, the dreamy soundscapes and off-kilter beats never drift too far into space; they're gently tugged back by SlowPitch's subtle scratching, which glues all the wayward elements together beautifully. Emoralis is a grandma's attic of sounds, guided into a unique format by SlowPitch's nimble hand.
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