Sleep Ready New Album 'The Sciences' for 4/20 Release

And you can preview the band's first LP since 2003 right now
Sleep Ready New Album 'The Sciences' for 4/20 Release
Stoners around the world are preparing to spark up tomorrow (April 20) in celebration of cannabis culture, and if you're struggling to find the perfect soundtrack for your own celebrations, Sleep will have you covered with the arrival of a new album.

An iTunes listing points to a forthcoming release from the stoner icons titled The Sciences, set to arrive tomorrow through Third Man Records. This means it will hit streaming services tonight at midnight.

UPDATE (4/20, 12 a.m. EDT): You can now fully stream Sleep's new album below.

Six tracks in length, the album features some titular references to the green, including "Marijuanaut's Theme" and "The Botanist." As you can see from the album cover above, there's also some pretty hefty weed buds/asteroids floating in space towards an astronaut with a glowing bowl on his chest. 

The arrival of The Sciences marks Sleep's first full-length effort since 2003's Dopesmoker.

Sleep's last bit of new material was 2014 single "The Clarity," which arrived through Adult Swim's Singles Series that year. The band reissued the single on vinyl last year through Southern Lord Records.

While the album doesn't arrive in North American markets until tonight, it is currently available in Australia. You can hear previews of all six tracks in the player below.

The Sciences:

1. The Sciences
2. Marijuanaut's Theme
3. Sonic Titan
4. Antarcticans Thawed
5. Giza Butler
6. The Botanist