Sleep's New 'Dopesmoker' Vinyl Pressing Has Embedded Cannabis Leaves

How's this for high-fi?

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 22, 2022

It's fitting that Sleep's stoner metal classic Dopesmoker has previously been given coloured "indica," "sativa" and "Hasheeshian" vinyl pressings, and following a "green kush"-coloured expanded reissue earlier this year, another new variant is sure to blow minds.

A new pressing of Dopesmoker from Jack White's Third Man Records goes one toke over the line by pressing real cannabis leaves into the vinyl, going for a "mosquito-in-amber" effect.

The deluxe "Weedian High-Fi" pressing, seen above, was created in partnership with Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis.

Of course, there is a catch: this particular pressing of Dopesmoker will only be available to purchase in-person at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit this Friday (August 26). If you aren't in the area, a black vinyl version will be up for pre-order that same day, while the album will also arrive on DSPs.

Both the digital and new vinyl versions of Dopesmoker will include deep cut "Hot Lava Man," which was also included on the album's Third Man Vault reissue earlier this year. Ahead of its arrival on streaming services, you can hear it below.

Last year, Sleep delivered double single "Iommic Life," following their surprise 2018 release The Sciences, which Exclaim! named among the Best Metal and Hardcore Albums of 2018.

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