​Shade Premiere "Drive Me Wild" Video

​Shade Premiere 'Drive Me Wild' Video
Hamilton band Shade have unveiled their new video for "Drive Me Wild."
The track was produced by Leon Taheny and Josh Korody, who helped create a "bigger" sound than was heard on the original demo using explosive guitar riffs and eerie piano.
"This song is an unconscious personal soundtrack to the varying emotions felt on a daily basis," Shade tell Exclaim! "It takes a journey from dark, introverted self-questioning before exploding into a light of extroverted self-acceptance. 'Drive Me Wild' is about not getting bogged down by the external bullshit that's thrown your way."
It's part woozy psych-rock and part Liam Gallagher-esque bravado, melting seamlessly into a sound that is all Shade's.
The song is accompanied by a video that features a live band performances between snippets of landmark buildings and views from a train.
Check out the video for "Drive Me Wild" below.
The group's debut album Combat Rave is due out on May 1. Pre-order it here. See the band's upcoming live dates below, as well.

Tour dates:

02/28 Montreal, ON - L'Escogriffe
03/21 Kingston, ON - Toucan
05/01 Hamilton, ON - This Ain't Hollywood
05/06 Dundee, UK - Conroys
05/07 Edinburgh, UK - Henry's Cellar
05/08 Glasgow, UK - 13th Note