Pet Sun Baltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 9

Pet Sun  Baltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 9
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
A week before decamping to Boston to record some new tunes, local fuzz rockers Pet Sun said goodbye (for now) by delivering a blistering set to both diehard fans and new converts. While their self-titled debut LP features Ty Segall-indebted garage rock and even some Radiohead strings, their latest tracks have shelved the strings and amped up the fuzz, rocking out with plenty of riffs, distortion and hair while still allowing the pop hooks to shine through.

The music even inspired one fan to start a moshpit — and what it lacked in number of participants, it more than made up for with enthusiastic bashing, headbanging and even backflipping.
But, as with the music, there was more than just mindless flailing at play; the moshers brought a fan with a walker up to the front of the pit, and remained respectfully careful as they continued to thrash around.
Similarly, Pet Sun craft music that's loud and wild but still manage to maintain smart, poppy sensibilities. While the new material seems poised to be louder and more ferocious than their older tunes, the hooks are still in ample supply.